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Wish u Happy Navratri

Meri Maiya Durga is worshipped in different forms. SHE is a form of "Shakti". The evolution of Shri Maha Saraswati, Shri Maha Laxmi and Shri Mahakali (the 3 main forms of "Shakti") took place from Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu and Shri Mahesh respectively. Each of these 3 deities gave rise to 3 more forms and hence in all, these 9 forms together are known as Nav-Durga .....

1. Meri Maiya Shailputri ..... Meri Maiya Navratri commences with the 1st night devoted to the puja of Meri Maiya Shailputri. Shail means mountains; Parvati, the daughter of king of Mountains Himavan, is known as "Shailputri". HER 2 hands, display a trident and a lotus. SHE is mounted upon a bull.

2. Meri Maiya Bhramcharni ..... One hand holds a "Kumbha" or water port and the other rosary. SHE personifies love and loyalty. Meri Maiya Bhramcharni is store-house of knowledge and wisdom. Rudraksha is HER most adorned ornament.

3. Meri Maiya Chandraghanta ..... Worshipped on the 3rd night this Meri Maiya Durga Shakti is astride a tiger, displays a golden hue to HER skin, possesses ten hands and 3 eyes. Eight of HER hands display weapons while the remaining two are respectively in the mudras of gestures of boon giving and stopping harm. Chandra + Ghanta, meaning supreme bliss and knowledge, showering peace and serenity, like cool breeze in a moonlit night. Meri Maiya is worshipped in this form in Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu) India.

4. Meri Maiya Kushmanda ..... The 4th night begins the worship of Meri Maiya Kushmanda, possessed of eight arms, holding weapons and a mala or rosary. HER mount is a tiger and SHE emanates a solar like aura. "Kumbh Bhand" means to see cosmic vivacity in Pindi shape or knowledge of cosmic intricacies in human race. The abode of Meri Maiya Kushmanda is in Bhimaparvat.

5. Meri Maiya Skandmata ..... Using a lion as a vehicle SHE holds HER son, SKAND in HER lap while displaying 3 eyes and 4 hands; two hands hold lotuses while the other 2 hands respectively display defending and granting gestures. Its said, by the mercy of Meri Maiya Skandmata, even the idiot becomes an ocean of knowledge. The great and legendary Sanskrit Scholar Kalidas created his two masterpieces works viz. "Raghuvansh Maha Kavya" and "Meghdoot" by the grace of Meri Maiya Skandmata.

6. Meri Maiya Kaatyayani ..... As mother, Meri Maiya Kaatyayani stayed in the Ashram of sage Katyayan for penance, hence SHE named as Kaatyayani. This 6th Shakti is also astride a lion with 3 eyes and 4 arms. One left hand holds a weapon and the other a lotus. The other 2 hands respectively display defending and granting gestures. HER complexion is golden coloured.

7. Meri Maiya Kaalratri ..... Black skin with bountiful hair and 4 hands, 2 clutching a cleaver and a torch, while the remaining 2 are in the mudras of "giving" and "protecting". HER vahana is a faithful donkey. The destroyer of darkness and ignorance, Meri Maiya Kaalratri is the seventh form of Nav-Durga meaning scourer of darkness; enemy of darkness. Meri Maiya Kaalratri's famous shrine is in Calcutta, India

8. Meri Maiya Mahagauri ..... Four arms with the fairest complexion of all the Durga Shaktis. Peace and compassion radiate from HER being and SHE is often dressed in a white or green sari. SHE holds a drum and a trident and is often depicted riding a bull. Meri Maiya Mahagauri can be seen in a temple at Kankhal near pilgrim centre Haridwar, India

9. Meri Maiya Siddhiratri ..... Ensconced upon a lotus, most commonly, with 4 arms, and is the possessor of 26 different wishes to grant HER bhakts. Meri Maiya Siddhiratri's famous pilgrim centre, is located in Nanda Parvat in the Himalayas.

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The Navratri festival is dedicated to the Mother Goddess. Known by other names suchas Durga, Devi, she occupies a special place in the Hindu pantheon. Sherepresents Shakti, the cosmic energy that animates all beings, and isalso considered to be prakriti (nature), the counterpart of purusha.Together, they are responsible for the creation of the world accordingto the Puranas and Vedas (ancient Hindu Scriptures).

How is Navratri celebrated all over India?

InNorth India fasting is an important part of the proceedings. A specialcelebration occurs on the eighth day or Ashtami when fasts are broken.Ashtami is a day of puja for young girls who are treated as thegoddesses or Kanjak Devis.

Gujarat marks Navratri withlarge-scale festivities. Pulses and other kinds of seeds are sown inspecial pots on the first day of the festival. These pots are wateredfor nine days and by the ninth day the seeds have most certainlysprouted. A Garba deep is lit around which a garba or dandiya isconducted.

In South India, the nine days are a day of dolls.Images of gods and dolls are set up in each home. Pujas and archanas(chants) are conducted. This display is known as Bommai Kollu -- bommaimeans dolls and kollu means displaying.

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